MS Stories - Who wants to tell theirs?

Hi guys! Haven't been around here lately, as I was hard at work on the blog (linked in my profile). Hope everyone's OK and keeping up with their lives. Stories are a wonderful way to teach people anything. I believe them to be the best tool of raising awareness for Multiple Sclerosis and teaching the world about what it means to have it. The world should know that although it's an incurable illness, it may cause dissability and has an unpredictable evolution, Multiple Sclerosis is the fifth wheel to each and every one of us. It's an unwanted lodger, a dark shadow or a cruel master. Everyone of us has their story. Everyone of us has a real life outside MS. Everyone of us wants to be understood. I truly support the concept of #MSEnergy and I think that your stories can add another dimension to this notion. As you know, it focuses on the positive effect MS has had on our lives. I understand MS stories more or less the same, but with the particularity that the ones I want to tell with you are meant to show the world we're still the same in so many ways in spite of our MS. Real name, pseudonym, it doesn't matter. The story is the one that counts! What do you say? Join me into making an MS Stories book? (I know you want to! :) ) You can send an email at [email protected] Thanks & wishing you all the best! Denisa