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Armpit burning pain

Hello all, This is kind of a flash post. I just came back from vacation and for about 4 to 5 days now, I have this burning pain in my right armpit. The sensation is much like the one you get from a sun burn. I must mention (my apologies gentlemen!) the fact that my bra was kind of tight on me, this leading to a nerve pinch of some sort. Since the pain appeared, it has only calmed down or went away when I took a mix of paracetamil and codeine. In the mornings, the discomfort was greater, especially when I got dressed and fabric touched the burning area. Then I went down for breakfast and continued visiting the city I was in (when I walked for a long time in the sun, I got tired and needed to cool down, which I did, by drinking water and going in the shade aaand... getting annoyed by MS and not letting it ruin my vacation... I simply kept on walking and having a good time! :)) ). I was wondering if any if you guys has experienced a thing like this, and how should I take this pain? MS symptomatology? Nerve strain due to tight clothing? Car air conditioning neuralgia? :)) Thank you for your time! I am anxiously waiting for some opinions. Meanwhile, I'm enjoying my ipubrofen and the fifth volume of A Song of Ice and Fire, by R.R. Martin :D Have a great day, guys! ;)

Sounds like a touch of Dysaesthesia, or paraesthesia ( http://www.mstrust.org.uk/atoz/dysaesthesia.jsp ) Dependant on where the lesions are on your CNS, certain nerve-endings aren't able to communicate with the brain properly. Therefore the brain doesn't know what response to give. In this situation, we can get areas of numbness or burning. Normal analgesia isn't that helpful. Drugs such as Gabapentin, Pregabalin and Amytriptyline can be offered to mask these sensory symptoms. Hope you enjoyed your holiday.


Hi @stumbler. Thank you for your answer. Just to get things right (since I am so new to this): MS symptoms are not the same thing as relapses, right? It's my first ... first encounter with my lovely MS, and it is already losing the game. This burning pain has determined me to make the best out of my trip, and to take care of myself in order to minimize the burn. The pain also radiates on my upper back. It's manageable, but annoying :)) My 2 bigger lesions are on the right side, in the frontal and parietal lobes, so that explains the motor sensations I get (tingling). This month I will finally get my definitive dx, get out of limboland and continuing reconstructing my life and the ones around me. Thnx for your help once more! Denisa