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Morning all. I have a question to both Men and women. My wife of 20 yrs a few months back now decided she wanted to end our marriage. Her main reason was that she did not like the progression on my MS ending the line with” your MS is not what I signed up for” she must have missed the line in sickness and in health. It did hit me hard in the beginning because I was personally blaming myself but i have always accepted my MS.i have had MS for 18 yrs and 2 yrs ago was told my MS had moved to Secondary Progressive but MS will not beat me. Now on to my question. I have met somebody and I am going on a 2nd date with her at the weekend. Having only met her once she has come across as really kind and caring person and being an old romantic have kinda falling big time for her. As yet I have not mentioned my MS but told her a different story for my walking which i feel bad for as I hate lying. What I am interested in knowing is those who have been in a similar situation how and when did you tell your respective partner of your MS. I’m also interested in knowing their response good and bad please. I’m normally a confident person but with my ex-wife’s comment about her not signing up to my illness I am worried of my new partners reaction.

@Darrenc Don't start your new relationship off on the wrong foot, Honesty is the best Policy.


Sorry to hear about your marriage but great to here you’re getting out there, I would agree with @darrenc. If you two start getting serious it’s gonna come out and you don’t want her to think your a liar (worst case) good luck with this I’m sure all will work out well.