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Nerve pain coping mechanisms

Good morning all, I hope you are all okay. As part of my RRMS I get a crippling pain (I'm a man, so always worse🤣) which goes from my left and and 'explodes' (love the drama clearly) in my hand. I have bouts where it occurs for a couple of weeks, then goes for month or two. Historically before Ocrevus I even had it down both arms. It's worst when I'm in bed and I go to turn over when waking and it hits me. Absolute agony. I can get shocks through the day when over extending or moving differently. I have had this for about 4.5 years, in fact when I started on ocrevus it ceased for a good few months too. Any medication doesn't touch it which is frustrating. I have had to learn to deal with it, so hear is how I do it, in case it's of any benefit to anyone in similiar circumstances: In a morning I try not to extend my left arm too much. If the pain starts, I now simply relax completely my arm. This shuts it off, but you cannot put any energy or tension into it. This takes a few seconds only. The best solution overall is to make it to thr shower and spray hot water in between my shoulder blades on the spine. Do this for a couple of minutes and the pain is no longer triggered. I was wondering what coping mechanisms other people might have? Sharing might help others perhaps?