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Nerve pain coping mechanisms

Good morning all, I hope you are all okay. As part of my RRMS I get a crippling pain (I'm a man, so always worse🤣) which goes from my left and and 'explodes' (love the drama clearly) in my hand. I have bouts where it occurs for a couple of weeks, then goes for month or two. Historically before Ocrevus I even had it down both arms. It's worst when I'm in bed and I go to turn over when waking and it hits me. Absolute agony. I can get shocks through the day when over extending or moving differently. I have had this for about 4.5 years, in fact when I started on ocrevus it ceased for a good few months too. Any medication doesn't touch it which is frustrating. I have had to learn to deal with it, so hear is how I do it, in case it's of any benefit to anyone in similiar circumstances: In a morning I try not to extend my left arm too much. If the pain starts, I now simply relax completely my arm. This shuts it off, but you cannot put any energy or tension into it. This takes a few seconds only. The best solution overall is to make it to thr shower and spray hot water in between my shoulder blades on the spine. Do this for a couple of minutes and the pain is no longer triggered. I was wondering what coping mechanisms other people might have? Sharing might help others perhaps?

I had similar nerve pain in my right leg and was prescribed Gabapentin for past couple of years it works well for me. Without it (I ran out for 2 days once) it’s like electric shocks in various areas and prickly heat . I do sometimes wonder how I would have coped with work without it. MS stinks but I am grateful these symptoms can be managed. Hope you find some relief soon.


Oh dear, the "man flu of MS"... @Cooper, I have expected much more drama! 🤣 If drugs won't help, maybe try a fantastic physiotherapist. Mine gives me exercises "from hell" that make things a bit better or for some other reason make me stop noticing and complaining. 😂 Most often, it is a mix between learning to relax some parts and strengthening other core muscles. Your "hydrotherapy" (things need fancy names! 😂) sounds like a good solution. Is it the warmth or the impact of the water or both helping? If it is one or the other making a difference, getting a massager device or electrical heating pad of sorts might be an alternative. If it is the warmth or related to increased blood circulation, a cream with capsaicin might help. (Do wash your hands and/or wear gloves, you don't want this stuff to get on any other body parts!) But the hydrotherapy sounds nicer. Plus, it works for you and probably doesn't require holding back expletives while practising. 😂