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Life with ms

I dont want to be negative but ms has ruined my life I was a runway model a dancer a jet setter fashion designer / jewellery designer and stylist Now im terrified to walk Scared to hold pliers to make jewellery or draw as i have shaky hands Lost my career My dancing world Lost me in a nutshell mainly because i cant ir struggle to do the things that made me happy So in order to get back to being happy again any suggestions to how i can start dancing salsa and flamenco again just so i can feel like a happy bird with wings again just a metaphor to how i feel when i design and dance

MS is really hard! I still think about the career I lost and how different my life would have been. But I remember reading about a guy who was an Ironman runner. His motto is 'Adapt and Overcome'. You might not be able to do things like before. But maybe there are still similar things you can do. Hopefully that helps?


Hi Cookie, it's hard for those whose lives have to adapt drastically because of it all. Like @treasad 's comment. If you're a designer this might all mean designing a new you and new life for yourself. And learn to dance your way around obstacles with fluidity. As they say it's not change that's the hardest, it's our resistance to change. Think perhaps what are the things that you like doing that you can do differently, or things that you can do that you may not have crossed your mind trying while your focus was elsewhere. Have faith. The rest of your life can be beautiful too, it's what you make of it!