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Cruise holiday

Hi you lovely lot! I’m thinking of going on a cruise next June (big 60 bday!) I’ve never done 1 before & haven’t been abroad since before my diagnosis 3.5 yrs ago & before pandemic lockdowns, the last time was Sept ‘19 😳🥴. By the time we were to be going I’ll be using a motorised wheelchair. Any advice greatly appreciated 👍

The cruise holiday sounds fantastic. I'm going to Berlin - just for a few days myself. I've been thinking about good advice and being sensible too. I'll cut any physical demands on me short - walks etc/ airports can be testing - I'll take the warning. Throughout my stay I'l try to keep myself within range of facilities I might need. My main advice would be to really enjoy. Have a great time and happy birthday!


Thanks @GerardMcC1 ! Sound advice & I do all this just going to a pub or restaurant 👍🥴 we will enjoy it I just get frustrated not being able to be spontaneous anymore, everything has to be planned well ahead! I’m Google searching but nothing like hearing personal experiences from other MSers 👍👏😀