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I've been given an informal diagnosis of MS by my GP based on my recent MRI. He said I'd need to see a neurologist for a formal diagnosis and maybe more tests. I've had my letter through for my neurology appointment but its not until January. Safe to say I'm feeling down about it. 4 more months of symptoms, pain etc and stress that it's getting worse in the background. Has anyone had any experience going private? Or any advice in general? Sorry for being abit doom and gloom!

Seems to me a rather strange way to go about things- for a GP to make an informal diagnosis on something that is notoriously difficult to diagnose. I lost sensation in the tips of my thumb and index finger, so had an MRI on my neck. Big lesions were found on my spinal cord, but my GP didn't suggest a diagnosis at the time at all. I was then sent to see a neurologist and had an MRI done on my brain. Just before Christmas 2016, the consultant phoned me to let me know that some lesions had been found there and that I could ignore them or could elect to have a spinal tap done. I chose the latter as really didn't want to bury my head in the sand and wanted to find out. In the meantime I was sent for a Nerve Conductivity test, in order to ensure that a trapped nerve wasn't the cause of the loss of sensation- it wasn't. Then finally in March 2017, I had my spinal tap done to find out if it was MS or not. That was the first time MS was mentioned. Then in July 2017, I was formally diagnosed by the Consultant in person at an appointment. So that was my experience of being diagnosed, and provides a rough idea of what was involved beforehand. I'm not surprised that you're concerned about the possibility of having MS. I was too to be honest. But I am surprised that it was mentioned by the GP at this relatively early stage. I think it's only natural to be worried and frightened by the unknown. But try and take it one step at a time. It's a journey that we've all experienced and I shall try and be as supportive as I can. Feel free to vent here and it'll be interesting to hear others' experiences.


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