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Newly diagnosed - struggling to accept

I've been very recently diagnosed with MS after having intranuclear Opthalmoplegia in November along with a tremor in my arms and head which comes and goes. I'm struggling to accept the diagnosis and feel just really shocked, my eyes have improved a lot and now just my tremor frustratingly reminds me of what resides inside. I guess I'm looking for reassurance that I can continue to live with this and it's not the death sentence my head thinks it is. Thanks in advance #tremor #newlydiagnosed #nystagmus #doublevision

For me I felt the same as you was diagnosed 3 years ago and I just felt it was a death sentence but it isn’t. Just be kind to yourself it’s like grieving give yourself time to come to terms with it all and you will find your peace with it just go at your pace and sites like this are great to speak to people who are going through the same as you and can understand more than your family and friends at times. I’m on cladribine as a DMT and it has held back the relapses so far I was highly active. Anyway.. your not alone x


@cbarker you absolutely can live with this. It takes time coming to terms with the news and physically and emotionally building yourself back up. But you will, let yourself feel what you need to feel right now and put no pressure on yourself. Reach out to people who make you feel a bit better about it all but don’t be afraid to avoid some people too. Following my diagnosis I spent about a year bursting into tears frequently! You’ll be okay x