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GP’s driving me crazy!!!

I’m currently going through a relapse and just completed my 5 days of IV steroid treatment. When calling the gp, why do they not listen to you when explaining symptoms??? I explained I was experiencing the HUG and electricity shocks from my neck to my toes, numbness in arms and hands and weakness in both legs. I was told I need an ECG and given 25mg twice a day of pregablin tablets. Thank god I have an amazing MS consultant & nurses team. Does anybody else have a this problem with the gp? Even though they are fully aware that you’re an MS sufferer?

Sounds super frustrating. I am guessing the GP cannot assume it is your MS and therefore must carry out appropriate investigations. Although, it is a bore. Hope you can sort it out. All the best.


@Caroline77xx I don't go to my GP about my MS symptoms, I always go to my MS team, though getting in touch with my MS team can be a rather laborious task in itself. My GP's only involvement is if my MS team suggest I get a prescription from my GP for something like a urine infection, otherwise they don't get involved.