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Experience with life/critical illness insurance?

Hello, I was wondering if anyone has any experience of getting critical illness or life insurance post-diagnosis. I am currently the "bread winner" in our household but more generally am interested in protecting myself financially if I am no longer able to work due to progression or severe relapses in future. I would love to hear your experiences (good or bad) with this and any recommendations of brokers to use.

Hi, inhope you're OK? I claimed on my critical illness because of MS. I thought that was that. I later has kids and looked for life insurance. I can't get critical illness cover but have got life cover. It excludes anything related to MS, so wonder if I'm wasting my money sometimes. It is more expensive, and they needed answers for everything, including my condition being stable (I have RRMS). I hope this helps. Its with legal and general.


Thank you, that is really helpful. I kind of assumed I would struggle to get any sort of cover post-diagnosis but it wasn't on my mind during my twenties!