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How has MS impacted your close relationships? #MSAwarenessWeek

Hello everyone! This year for MS Awareness Week, myself and the Shift.ms team have worked with some amazing volunteers to make a series of videos called ‘We Asked 13 MSers’, in which they share their experiences of navigating close relationships while living with MS. MS Awareness is a continual process. Maybe there was a swell of support when you were newly diagnosed that has now dissipated. Perhaps there are new symptoms and feelings that are hard to communicate. You can check out episode one here 👉 https://youtu.be/a894Hj9ktss I'd love to know, how has living with MS impacted your close relationships? Is this something you could benefit from more resources on? Let me know!

@billyshift My boyfriend and I we have lived together for almost three years. He noticed small things like my walking was off and my balance not good. July 2020 I was diagnosed with mS which I pretty well knew most of my life I've had. He trys to understand we are both still learning, little hard at times but we are getting there


@Bobbij thanks for sharing your experiences. It's great that you're both learning together.