Happy International Men's Day

From myself and the rest of the Shift.ms team, we wanted to thank all of the men who continue to contribute to our MSer community. Statistically, there aren't as many of us, so thank you for speaking up and leading the way for others like me. Below is a list of posts and blogs by some of our male members, enjoy 💚 MS & Masculinity: https://shift.ms/@mostlysuperfluous/for-the-guys--wp25528 @Swisslet blog on feeling lucky: https://shift.ms/blogs/lucky MS & Dating: https://shift.ms/@Dave-c/dating-wp30973 @AntRainford blog on positivity: https://shift.ms/blogs/staying-positive-and-focused-can-help-with-your-ms-fight @GPeps blog on MS Energy: https://shift.ms/blogs/ms-energy