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I haven't been on a proper date in a while and I was thinking about joining a dating site. Shouldn't let my ms stop me meeting new people and having fun. Have any of you guys done this? Are there people out there that want to go out with someone with ms? I hope so.

First off, have you been watching the Undateables? They did mention a few agencys that are "specialist", if you like. Me and jman met online, on another site and found shared interest and 2 years plus on.....so yeah it DOES work. Nothing beats meeting actual people tho, so if you are mobile, think about joining various groups....i dunno, local classes, local pubs, clubs. Depends wot yr into. Try meetup.com........lots of interest groups happening round the globes. Stick in yr postcode & interests & you find wots going on. I've been to a few. Good way to meet folks.


Most dating websites contain spoof / made up people with photo's gleaned from the net. If you do go for a dating website go for one of the big named ones (usually advertising on tv etc.) Other ideas are local clubs (chess, photography, etc) or if you are a person of faith many churches can be great places to meet people.