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Nerve pain

Hi, I'm new here. Mammy to 2 wee people 4 and 1.5. Have MS symptoms since 2019. Due to start Techfidera in the next few weeks. A bit anxious about that. Currently on 40mg of amitriptyline a day for nerve pain but it's not making a difference. Have tried Gabapentin. It was horrendous made the pain worse, headaches and nausea. My Neurologist has suggested duloxetine or pregablin. Not sure which one to try. Trying to be and stay positive because I am fully aware it could be worse but it's getting harder and harder especially when pains constant and if it's not new symptoms/relapse it's infections 🙃. Any advice on either painkillers, Techfidera or how to stay positive when there's more bad days than good 😬. Also on high dose of anti depressants TIA

Hallohi i'm new here. I don't know how to help you with tecfidera. I just wanted to ask when you had your kids did you have MS? and if so, did you already have treatment before you got pregnant


@Eirinela So my first symptom started about 4 months after my 1st child was born. Has been on and off since then. Then my second pregnancy I had to cut out the baclofen but was allowed the amitriptyline. I still haven't started a disease modifying treatment. Due to start in the next 2 weeks I hope. Covid and my neurologist retiring and then my new neurologist went off on personal leave so had to be taken over by another neurologist which has caused the delay.