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The anxiety that causes my Nightmares

I was diagnosed with MS 6 months ago, it’s safe to say when I found out I honestly thought my life was over, I knew very little, all I really knew is there is no cure. When I finally stopped crying and telling myself everything I loved had to come to an end, I finally picked myself up from a deep dark place and started living again... Well barely, because of Covid restrictions. However, I began to ease back to work and life just seemed as normal as it was before. Except for the anxiety that grew with my diagnosis, with every ache and pain I suffer this huge anxiety attack, where my brain spirals and I think I have about a day before I’m temporarily paralysed or completely paralysed. I literally get home from work and have, what in the past I might have considered just simple aches and pains, but now I completely fear the worst. When the panic begins I get these nightmares where I become paralysed in my sleep, open my eyes and can not move anything, and I can’t seem to be able to speak either to call out for help. What does not help is I’m always tired so I am absolutely desperate for a goodnight sleep , but now I am literally scared to fall asleep.. the irony