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Insomnia and panic attacks

My insomnia returned with panic attacks. I do not help any pills, nor a soothing herbal tea, nor tablets to improve sleep (this is not a sleeping pill). Alcohol does not help for long. I took time off at work because I could not work normally. I can not walk much in the fresh air, because the city is very hot ... What else can I do to make it all over ....? I went to bed at one in the morning, having drunk the sedative that the psychologist prescribed for me. It's five in the morning in Kiev - I can't sleep ...

How about getting some magazines and putting on some scented candles? What do you do when you are having are panic attack? I read this book " How to safeguard your mental health" by Dr Harry Barry he talks about a unique strategy where you have to imagine that your feet are glued to the floor and you just sit and do nothing and basically let it wash over you. Avoid taking diazepam if thats the sedative you've got.


@annakonuh , here's an article regarding sleep issues :- https://www.mstrust.org.uk/life-ms/wellbeing/sleep I hope it helps