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Alternative treatments?

Hi all! I am new to group and newly diagnosed. Haven't been told what type of MS, but after researching myself, looks like PPMS. Not on any prescribed medication yet. My main symptoms are numb feet, pins and needles and general weakness in legs as well as attacks of fatigue, partial loss of control of my bladder and bowels, mood swings. My question really is: Has anyone done/ tried/ doing other ways- alternative ways of treatment? Myself am believer in medicine, science, doctors and treatments. Long story short I am on Traditional Chinese Medicine combined with red light therapy and InterX (electro neurostimulation). I know that MS has no cure and don't expect to be as healthy as I used, but if I can ease the discomfort and pain and prolong quality life, I thought I would try. I have only just started the TCM, and can't say anything about it yet, but today realised that have been sleeping through the night without going for a wee in the night (I usually go 2-3 times a night). I have done interx before, for pain back, which wasn't MS related. Being honest, wasn't expecting much, but after 5 seasons pain was gone completely. I am hoping, but not expecting, so to say. Anyone has any experience with similar things? Thank you

Hi I have had Acupuncture and found it took a few sessions but I had much less pain and was sleeping better, I did Taichi for years which really helped my balance and tingling, can I ask what is TCM?


For bladder bowels maybe try to see if eliminating dairy works? I tried that at the beginning & then I switched to Oat milk for tea x I hope it helps I do need to eat better & although I don't follow a proper diet yet I do think it must somehow help... I think I had posts I posted previously asking about food diets if the comments on there help you x