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Secondary school teachers?

Hi all, just wondering if there are any secondary school teachers out there? How do you cope with the regular exhaustion from teaching on top of the MS (relapse/remitting)? I’m looking to go back to teaching after maternity leave. Thanks in advance! 😊

Hi, when I came back to school after maternity I spoke to school about my concerns and eased myself in gradually. School were brilliant. I didn't start my full timetable straightaway but built it up. I had many issues I was concerned about but one thing to possibly ask about is not doing duties, thinking carefully about form responsibilities. If you are part time spreading days out, asking them to give you free periods at regular intervals not all at once may help. A regular dialogue, letting them know you don't know how its going to effect you coming back yet. Hope this helps, good luck. X


@J1980 thank you so much for your reply. Lots of very helpful things for me to think about. Also good to know that it is possible! ☺️