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Plegridy Treatment

Hey everyone, im having my Treatment changed from Avonex to Plegridy and i was wondering if anyone has ever done that shift before and if you encountered any horrible side effect.. im changing treatments because im currently on weekly injections and the injection sites are really painful so my MS nurse suggested changing to Plegridy as its similar but it will be fortnightly (every 2 weeks) instead of weekly to give my legs a break..

Over the years I've went from Avonex, to Tecfidera to Plegridy. I prefer feeling rough every 2 weeks to the weekly Avonex, but at the moment am feeling pretty rough with the side effects. Take it Sunday evening & I'm still rough by Tuesday. Been getting red rashes on my thighs, but seems to clear up pretty quickly.


@kevruss yeah same, I'm feel so tired after my first dose, the fatigue is really getting to me, got a redness around the injection sight too :(