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An attempt to speed things up.

Hope everyone is doing well. Or as well as can be. Woke up this morning feeling like garbage and decided I needed to prod and poke the doctor a little today. As per usual I have blurred vision, sore eyes when moving, the daily dizziness that I've had for 3 years along with the numb left arm, dislocated feeling shoulder, aching hips, legs, shooting pains in my foot, exhaustion and general weakness. It feels like things have gotten worse. Slowly but progressively worse, especially over the last year. So I'm off to see the friendly neighbourhood GP today for him or her to tell me "It's nothing don't worry about it". This time I not only have a list of symptoms but also a daily diary or symptoms for the last 2 months. Reading them back is a bit worrying and exhausting just to digest them all again. I was referred to neurology about 6 months ago or so. But I'm hoping I can do one last push with the NHS before going fully private with the investigation. My GP isn't the best reviewed on the internet mainly due to them forcing patients to go online to book appointments that day between 7am and 10am. Not too bad I suppose apart from the fact that they deleted the option to book appointments online on their website 😂. What a fun bunch of jokers they are. Anyway after several attempts to contact via other methods I managed to get an appointment later today. I'm not normally an emotional person but I feel like I've got so much frustration built up in me I'm either going to start shouting at them or just burst into tears when I actually get there. My plan is to hand over the diary first and just politely ask them to spend 5 minutes of their time reading it. Wish me luck!

Good luck with your visit, it's always a nightmare to get a GP appointment. You have done the right thing writing everything down, I think we all go to the GP with a big list in our heads but forget most of it when we get there, then in and out in 5 minutes with nothing being done. Fingers crossed!


@Shakesby before I started using notes my GP would change the conversation, start talking about something else etc and then I would be out of the appointment having not said what I needed to. My GP also tells me not to Google stuff, which I don't but then when I tell him my symptoms he bloody googles then because he doesn't know what I'm talking about 😂 looking forward to futuristic GP robots powered by AI and Google. When you tell your doctor you have PPPD and he says "What's that!" I get worried. Or when I say I'm autistic and he immediately seems uneasy like I'm an alien. It drives me crazy. I'm so jealous of people who have a nice well educated GP that loves their job.