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UK/England: what happens wrt. consultant when you move house?

My partner and I are planning on buying a house together next year and it's likely we'll have to move away from our current area to find something affordable.I just realised this means I will probably have to switch consultant/nurse to the new NHS trust wherever we end up. Does anyone know how this happens?.I'd like to be prepared for it now so it's not a massive stress

You don't have to change your consultant as long as you are prepared to travel back to see them. I've moved authorities over the years. I changed my Neuro as I didn't like the old one but my rheumatologist and ophthalmologist are in different trusts to my address. Good luck house hunting


This is such a timely question and helpful response. I am moving next week and want to keep my nurses for the moment, I will let you know how that goes!