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my feet look like they've died.

Hi people, could anyone help me figure out how to make my feet look normal. I use a mobility scooter and don't move about that much which is why my feet are a dreadful purpl-blue colour and ice cold, the circulation was checked and it's fine so just lack of movement. I would LOVE now the summers here to wear a pretty summer dress and sandals and maybe really push the boat out and get a french manicure on my toes, but there's no way, people would run screaming if they seen my feet. It would make me feel kinda normal to dress like everyone else and maybe even feel pretty good about myself. I asked my nurse who kinda just shrugged her shoulders so if anyone has any ideas I will gladly be giving it a try. Thank you all.

@josiex , I think this is one for your GP. I assume it was them that checked the circulation was OK. If so, they only did half the job. It's good that you're told a problem is OK, but you want the issue to look OK too!


Im definatley no expert in this,and only experienced poor circulation in the feet for a few days however I wondered whether foot reflexoly may help? Or circulation exercises in other parts of you body which you have more movement in and hopefully it will get the blood flowing in the feet. Like i say,just ideas. Take care x