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Tysabri - injection vs infusion...thoughts?

Hi all, hope everyone’s doing ok! I’ve recently changed from getting monthly tysabri infusions to getting my dose via injection. My hospital were promoting it as an option as its a much quicker process and in theory there’s no extra risks, it’s simply a different route for the same drug to get into the system. However, I’ve had one dose via injection and coincidentally I’ve just had a flare up of lots of symptoms for the first time in 7 months (since starting tysabri). It feels like a full blown relapse, which I know can still happen on tysabri obviously, but I’m wondering if anyone has any experience/insight into the injections and them causing issues? Probably just an annoying coincidence but still! Thanks 🙂

@Boulevard_Soul Hi , sorry to hear u are having relapse symptoms & hopefully it’s just a coincidence. I’m on tysabri infusions since July 2020 & so far all is good . My MS nurse did mention about the injections at my last infusion on Aug 25th & said they would discuss it further with me at my next infusion . I wasn’t sure what to do myself about injection . It definitely sounds better than having to wait the 2 hours for infusion but hopefully it’s not causing your relapse 🤞 hope your on the mend soon


Thanks @LisaMarie6_ the injection was definitely more simple, I was in and out in about 20 minutes which was nice. I’ve been very busy recently and maybe pushing myself a bit too hard so perhaps that’s what has caused the symptoms. Just seemed strange so soon after the injection! Fingers crossed it passes soon 🙂