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Wondering why.

So I have this (I’m using this term loosely) friend tell t that I am hogging MS. Whatever 🙄. She is mad bc she’s been to 6 neurologists 2 which were Ms specialist. One said she has another autoimmune issue that mimics MS, she loses it on him. He tells her he wants to do further investigation she said NO! I know I have MS just diagnosed me with it. Here is the book of all my symptoms and everything that’s happened to me, MS explains It all. I tell her I pray that she has the strength and patience. No one in their right mind wants MS. I never asked for it. I honestly think she just wants attention, I don’t know why. She was supposed to go to an MS clinic at least she stopped talking to me, after she blew up at the at the neurologist, he offered it send it to the MS clinic where she was. Am I wrong for being mad at her on so many levels? She has no idea what she’s asking for. For me my first relapse was pretty major I had to learn how to write and walk again. She was like oh that sounds like fun. WTH ugh

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2 weeks ago

I told her the reason why he agreed to send her to the MS clinic where she’s at 1) either he’s right she don’t have MS and it will shut her up 2) she does have a ms and then she’s in the right hands. She don’t want to believe me.

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That is not a friend! You should say TY; then move on with your life.

Any decision otherwise – is self-inflicted.

2 weeks ago

A friend you say?

I and no one I have ever met has viewed MS as a competitive affliction. Most odd.

In the UK we joke and banter with friends – only friend – and it sounds odd to outsiders. A good friend had cancer 6y ago, battled it ever since and when we last me he told me that he was definitely going to win as there was nothing they could do anymore. A good dose of very black humour. But only among friends.

The closest to me call me ‘The Raspberry’. Cockney slang – Raspberry Ripple (an ice-cream variety) is used for Cripple. I and they laugh at it. A stranger saying that would not be welcome.

Context. It is all about context. Give them the flick and move on. They are not helping you as you are annoyed enough to post about it here. Laughing is good medicine. Frustration and depression, not so much.

2 weeks ago

Some people are very odd and she does sound a little naive and desperate for attention. You’re so right, who on earth would seek to have MS? I had a similar sort f person on my Uni course just as I was diagnosed 22 years ago who had aching legs and wanted basically for it to be Ms and wanted me to provide an Extensive Ear for her. Meanwhile I was walking like a drunk person using an umbrella stick, feeling embarrassed at looking drunk at 9 in the morning, was utterly exhausted and I was thinking “you actually want to have this horrible nasty stealthy disease?” and I had no idea what the future looked like and to be honest I had no idea about anything related to Ms! I sincerely hope it didn’t turn out to be Ms for the person on my course and your “friend” may be thankful if it turns out not to be Ms for her in the end? It’s a strange thing for this person to say you’re “hogging Ms”!
😎 Loo – K

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