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VIT D for my son …

Hi all

I’ve started to read and learn more about MS since my diagnosis a couple of weeks ago. I understand there may/may not be a familial connection (depends what you read!).

Both of my parents and my brother have auto-immune conditions. I’m keen to protect my son as much as I can and would like to get him on some Vit D … do others do this? I’ve read on the NHS site that 10mcg (400iu) is a safe amount and should prevent deficiency. Does that sound about right?

I’ve got two younger half-brothers too … do you think it’s worth them taking Vit D?


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2 years ago

Hi there, my sister was also diagnosed with MS at the same time as me and my daughter has an autoimmune blood condition. Our consultants collectively feel there must be a genetic predisposition to autoimmunity, or something like that. I’ve done a bit of digging around, and what I came up with for children – or anyone really – was fresh pineapple, Vitamin D and Flaxseed which, if you buy ground, you can sprinkle o kiddies breakfast or porridge. Hope that helps!

2 years ago

Hi @wobblynic , I agree with @vixen about the genetic predisposition, but that is only one part of a complex jigsaw.

Regarding Vitamin D, it is suggested that exposing skin to the midday sun for 15 minutes should provide you with 10,000 – 20,000 iu! So, 400 iu could be considered academic.

But, it depends who you ask and how up to date they are……………………….

2 years ago

I would recommend getting to overcoming ms book and reading the chapter on kids. I think you can get it for free in the uk. I bought mine on Amazon. We made a bunch of changes to our family diet for the better. For the kids we gradually added vegetables and while we add vitamin d as well there are many other nutritional benefits that could help as well.

2 years ago

My understanding is that 400iu will prevent Rickets, but not much else. The Barts Blog gives reliable advice on how much is safe.

2 years ago

The Barts blog give 4,000iu as a safe adult dose, but say that because it’s difficult to find a tablet in that formulation it’s OK to take 5,000iu, which can readily be found as a daily capsule. I don’t know if that would be the same for children, though.

2 years ago

My daughter is nearly 20 and for the last 5 years she takes 2000iu vit d daily.

2 years ago

I bought by my son bottles of Vit D after I was diagnosed, he was in his early 20’s and I knew he wouldn’t do it on his own. He is married now and lives on a island so I don’t worry about his Vit D level anymore. Potter

2 years ago

I always forget to take my vit D. I live in the pacific northwest, we’re known for 1) MS and 2) no sun in fall/winter! Guess I should try harder.

I worry about my son too – he’s 15. He mentioned once that his right hand felt numb for a few weeks but he was about 13 and his doctor didn’t think anything of it. We had just learned of my MS at the time and could be he was worried about “catching MS” or inheriting it. He has experienced nothing since then, but that always sticks in my mind, and I wondered at what age he should take vit D too. Probably wouldn’t hurt him to have one 5,000 IU tablet a couple/few times a week – at least during the winter months. My sister has auto-immune issues too (crohns, but has had a few ms-like things over the years).

2 years ago

Apparently the entire UK population is vitamin D deficient in the winter and – in theory – makes up for this in the summer months.

2 years ago

I live in the UK. The last time I saw my my neuro consultant (August), he recommended that I take 4000iU per day for all the health benefits of the sunshine (bones strength and fitness etc)that we won’t get here for the next 6 months! My GP has gien me a subsciption as well which is a great help!
I don’t think it’s possible to O/D on vitamin D (check!).

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