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1 year ago

@pamgokey , the following is from the Copaxone website :-

“For added flexibility, COPAXONE® Pre-filled syringes may be stored at room temperature, between 59°F and 86°F (15°C-30°C), for up to 1 month when travelling or when refrigeration isn’t available.”

1 year ago

@pamgokey, I travel with a small reusable ice pack, in a small case, with my rebif, which has the same refrigeration rules as copaxone. I always keep it in my carry on bag, and I do not put it in the overhead bins, I don’t trust the temperature regulation there. I also always warn the TSA before they screen me. Finally, because you are going to Florida, even though the med can take room temperature, watch out for leaving it in the trunk (boot for you Brits) or the car.
And have a nice trip!

1 year ago

Same as the previous post. I found a small blue ice pack that actually has a thermal cover on it. But if u can’t find that blue ice, zip lock bag put injectionsinto bag and small piece of doc tape to keep everything intact. I suggest cutting prescription off of box and put it iwith injections in case you get questions from TSA

1 year ago

When I had the misfortune to be on Rebif and I travelled to my island home then Biogen prescribing pharmacy/chemists sent me a groovy travelling custom designed for the injectables thing. It had two cool packs that sandwiched the medication. May be you could get the same. Also their official letter for the prescription

It didn’t stop the nosy Bajan customs police opening and letting it all warm up while checking it though it while I’m trying for make my connection to paradise SVG 🇻🇨

Yet another reason to change medication 😺

1 year ago

You can contact Shared Solutions and they will send you a free travel pack, along with lots of information. As mentioned above, the medicine can remain at room temperature for up to a month, so you don’t have to worry about keeping it cool while traveling. Just don’t put it in a checked bag.

Nothing to worry about – I have traveled all over the world with my Copaxone and security has only stopped me once (at LAX and because of the gel pack, they didn’t care at all about the meds).

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