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First time I have ever joined any sort of group chat, bit feeling the need of support and advice from people who know, understand and can give advice on questions I have about changes I am experiencing with MS now. Long story short many years ago I had a very bad episode which at the time was not diagnosed as MS where I lost the feeling down the right side of my body for a number of wks, all feeling eventually returned but never given a reason why. Following that the vision in left eye was intermittently blurry, lots and lots of tests and no conclusion. All quiet for a long time and move forward to 2008, lots of numbness in legs, pins and needles every where!! GP referred me for an MOT and diagnosis of MS. All quiet in the following years, last MRI was 3 years ago with no changes and neurologist explaining that I have benign MS. Since March I have been suffering with what I think is more symptons. In March I went through a few weeks of very low mood, fatigue, tingling etc, mentioned to my MS nurse who recommend stretching exercises etc. Eventually came out of that know place and back to the glass is half full usual attitude. At my recent appointment with consultant (August 2018) he has arranged a full MRI, saying that this was a possible relapse, this is happening in Friday. Over the last few weeks my mood, energy has dropped very low again, lots of symptoms, heavy legs, aching wrists all my usual stuff. I guess what I’m trying to ask is if low mood/anxiousness is something that is common in relapses with MS. I feel that I am turning a corner again now and my mood is lifting. Is this something that is common with MS, It is really something I am not use to is ot a something that will keep returning or is it not linked all.
Sorry about the long post, thank you to whoever takes the time to read it ❤❤

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9 months ago


Hello and welcome to the site.

The whole “Benign MS” thing is something that confuses me, not looked in to it enough myself but from what I understand it seems to be something to some Neuros and a none existent thing to others.

9 months ago

The low mood is probably your body trying to work out what is wrong and recovering from a relapse, takes time to get over a relapse and bounce back. I, like you seem to experience sensory relapses and was also told I have benign MS. I was told that often, sensory relapses take longer to recover from, I always go numb and tingly and it’s painful to begin with but I get over it. I’m not left with any damage other than when I’m tired, I start to get pins and needles which is my body’s way of saying slow down.
Everyone, even peeps who don’t have MS have days of low moods and tiredness, I find that if I can, I’ll let my self have them, rest and write the day off and start again the next day. I always feel better the next day, you just gotta take one day at a time, find something you enjoy doing too 😊. I find letting myself have these duvet or rest days helps me snap out of whatever low mood I’m in, being around my munchkins helps too.

Take care.

9 months ago

Hi @reddy74 . There’s a first time for everything, so you’re more than welcome here. We don’t bite, well, only playfully. 😉

So, you have benign MS. I’m not a great fan of this term. Either you have it or you don’t!

It’s hardly surprising that you’ve had mood swings, whilst you’re suffering from a potential relapse. Hopefully, the MRI on Friday will clarify the situation for you.

However, latent MS symptoms can be “re-awakened” if our bodies are dealing with an infection which activates our compromised immune system. A common cold or a UTI for example can cause us problems, for the duration of that infection.

9 months ago

Illnesses can be benign though, so why not MS? Maybe I’m being very naive here, but not everything has to be black or white right? Maybe it’s the doctor’s way of saying we have no idea how it will progress and so for now they will say it’s benign. I know it makes me feel better hearing it, regardless of what path my MS takes, hearing it put it like that gives you a sense hope and that is a powerful thing!
I hope you get your answers but don’t always think a sudden symptom is a relapse, like stumbler said it could be an infection of some sort or maybe your body’s way of saying take it easy for abit. Could be a change of weather too, cold can also aggravate MS too.
Anyways keep 😊

9 months ago

Hello @reddy74, glad that you’ve found this site, it’s such a great resource. I can’t really add much to the info above. One thing though, I’ve never suffered with ‘anxiety’ in my life, but since being diagnosed nearly two years ago, it keeps cropping up. It’s alien to me, but I recognise the pattern, Without realising, I might be a bit annoyed or stressed about something work-related. In the past, whatever…..but now, suddenly my walking might get a bit wobbly and I feel shaky. 5en I start to panic that it’s a relapse and that makes me more nervous. This is a typical cycle, and at least now I recognise what is happened it.

It’s rough, right? If nothing, at least you’re not experiencing this in a void, lots of us here get it and have learnt tips to find ways around our affliction x

9 months ago

Hi @reddy74 I agree with all of the above but I would say that my ms nurse says all of us with ms need at least 10mg of antidepressants a day just because of the ms. Dealing with that is enough for anyone! Don’t be frightened of them becoming addictive, I have a ‘pill’ splinter, and as 10mg is the lowest dose, I split mine and now only take 5mg a day after 5yrs (I started off at 40mg). It can make a huge difference to low moods/ anxiousness, so give it a go, you can always wean yourself off them like me😍

9 months ago

Thanks so much for your replies and advice. Will see what happens on Friday and keep you posted. Will see what next step is needed and if any meds are advised!! I will be back for more advise I’m sure, but will also just be checking in to see how you guys are all doing. Thanks again, means a lot 💕

9 months ago

@vixen – exactly the same feelings as I have. It’s not nearly as bad since I started on antidepressants, but I see now that MS seeks out/responds to any departure from the norm. It’s a barometer of my daily condition, so if I’m tired, worried, flu-ey or overindulged symptoms turn on like a tap. I was trying to explain this to a non-MS friend and it occurred to me that it was like (in pre-dx times) getting butterflies in your stomach – they come on suddenly in a panic situation and are uncontrollable. The physio summed it up: ‘You have to live a happy, healthy life’. xx

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