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Hiya, First time I have ever joined any sort of group chat, bit feeling the need of support and advice from people who know, understand and can give advice on questions I have about changes I am experiencing with MS now. Long story short many years ago I had a very bad episode which at the time was not diagnosed as MS where I lost the feeling down the right side of my body for a number of wks, all feeling eventually returned but never given a reason why. Following that the vision in left eye was intermittently blurry, lots and lots of tests and no conclusion. All quiet for a long time and move forward to 2008, lots of numbness in legs, pins and needles every where!! GP referred me for an MOT and diagnosis of MS. All quiet in the following years, last MRI was 3 years ago with no changes and neurologist explaining that I have benign MS. Since March I have been suffering with what I think is more symptons. In March I went through a few weeks of very low mood, fatigue, tingling etc, mentioned to my MS nurse who recommend stretching exercises etc. Eventually came out of that know place and back to the glass is half full usual attitude. At my recent appointment with consultant (August 2018) he has arranged a full MRI, saying that this was a possible relapse, this is happening in Friday. Over the last few weeks my mood, energy has dropped very low again, lots of symptoms, heavy legs, aching wrists all my usual stuff. I guess what I'm trying to ask is if low mood/anxiousness is something that is common in relapses with MS. I feel that I am turning a corner again now and my mood is lifting. Is this something that is common with MS, It is really something I am not use to is ot a something that will keep returning or is it not linked all. Sorry about the long post, thank you to whoever takes the time to read it ❤❤