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I’ve not had my MRI yet and the waiting is very hard. I’mI don’t want to keep complaining to my family and burden them but no one seems to understand the frustration and the pain.

I’m also noticing when I’m walking my right foot is starting to kind of drag. I had a CT scan which noticed I have a blockage in an artery in the right side of my brain and I have numbness in the left portion of my face.

Hoping this site gives me some hope and nice to hear it what other people are going through that it’s not just me.

Thanks for listening.

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11 months ago

I might be suffering different issue
vut you better understand your family cares about you whether you tell them about your worries or not
we are here for you to support you anyway you can
hoping u fully recover of your condition
while we are aware as we say here no one feel the wound exactly but the wounded but we’ll support you until time shines for you and you forget all these hard times
but not stress your brain worrying hun x
sorry my comment isnt much help

11 months ago

Hi and welcome to the club 😀
Please feel free to ask anything you like.
We’ll try and find an answer one way or another.
This link may give you an explanation of your facial pain .

11 months ago

Thank you for your replies and kindness.

I don’t have pain in my face just annoying numbness.

11 months ago

Hello @doodlescochrane, whether it’s MSor not, all of us here know what it’s like to go through that process of being in Limboland. It’s an absolute nightmare. But, at least you are being investigated. Have you had an MRI before? It’s surprisingly noisy! If the MRI shows lesions, the next step would likely be a lumbar puncture. If an artery is blocked that’s not necessarily MS related, but your other sumptoms might be. Thank goodness we have MRIs, they have been crucial to people getting quick and accurate diagnoses and haven’t really been around that long on the scale of life. For now, try to focus on being as health as you can, and try to avoid stressful situations where possible. And DEFINTELY don’t Google, stick to registered sites. All the best, stay strong, and post any questions. And please keep us posted.

11 months ago

With MS you’ll find that we all get or have numbness at different times and in different places.
For me it’s my leg and both hands or it tends to feel like pins and needles.
Have you been advised that it could be MS?
As there are many other things that can make you feel the same.
It sounds like MS but the you never know it could be a vitamin deficiency.
The road to diagnosis can take a while.
Sorry I can’t be more helpful but other more enlightened members may have more information.

11 months ago

Thanks everyone.

I also have painful numbness on the top of my right foot and a tremor on the right hand. Sorry I won’t go on. 🙄

11 months ago

Stretching exercises helps sometimes, like when you do a warm up at the gym.

11 months ago

It is hard to explain the anxiety to someone when waiting for tests or explanations. I’ve used two different approaches depending on how I am feeling…distraction or education. If I can concentrate and learn I will read forums such as this one or research on my own. If I can’t do that I try to distract myself with a fictional novel or in an activity. I try not to just sit and stew and worry.

One helpful comment my initial Dr said was that just because I have MS don’t assume every health issue in my life is due to MS. Look into it and try to determine if it is something else and if there is something that can be done about it. At that point I was having strength issues with my left arm when it was raised above my head. Found out my first rib wasn’t staying in position and that was causing some numbness and burning in my hand. Got that fixed up by paying attention to my posture and core training (mostly belly-dance).

Recently I’ve been having more foot drop than normal and trouble raising my right knee. I also am numb over the top of my thigh and a bit down the side. This is actually an issue with compression of the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve. According to my MS Neuro Dr he thinks this has more to do with my hip replacement/recovery/scar tissue than with MS as it is a peripheral nerve not part of the central nervous system.

To help with foot drop earlier this year I got an AFO (Ankle Foot Orthodic) that slips into my shoe and goes up the back of my leg. Mine is pretty flexible and comfortable and I can have it on to drive, etc. but it basically helps my foot stay level when it comes forward and keeps the toes up a bit. It helped until this issue got worse a couple of weeks ago. There is a chance this has been bad for awhile and maybe if recognized earlier I wouldn’t have ripped up my labrum that resulted in the hip replacement…sigh…hindsight.

Anyways-take care of yourself. Don’t sit and stew and yet try to be proactive when you have the energy. Do what you can to fix your situation while relying on expert medical advice. I realize how many seeming contradictions there are in those statements 😉 Basically understand that we’ve all been there…many of us are still there and still go back there from time to time.

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