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I just want to thank every one for helping me thru my tough time. I realize how fortunate I’ve been to be able to control this for almost 40 years thru diet. What happened to me was when I was 20. Believe it or not it started with the msg in Chinese food. It basically started attacking my central nervous system and because no one could tell what it was it turned into salt attacking my central nervous system. So for the years from when I was 20 -23 , I was sick all the time. Top drs and no one would say what it was. I finally went to an ent dr and he put me on a salt free diet. Everything went away. In the meantime I had bouts of optic neuritis, double vision, very ill. Now I’m not stupid this was prior to the internet so I kept my nose in medical books listen to me. I knew what I had A couple of years ago I went to a neurologist and took a mri. It showed 2 dried up lesions. With plaque in my brain. Nothing on my spine. So there’s the confirmation. Now I just recently read where they finally put together high sodium levels and ms. I could have told them thAt. The reason I am reluctant to go back to see a neurologist is when I told the latest one is he wanted me to ingest salt to basically bring on an attack. What. This is what we try to prevent

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5 months ago

@mindy_nadaner_bosser , so you’ve been able to discount Coeliac Disease?

Oh no it’s des ms

5 months ago

What is a ‘dried up lesion’?

Did you receive a formal diagnosis of MS in your early 20s after MRI, lumbar puncture etc?

Is this all in the UK?



This is what I was told. The two lesions I have in my brain were inactive and dried out and no I live in the United States. And because of having optic neuritis 3 times I was diagnosed and because of plaque in my brain.

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