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When losing your ability to walk is it possible to overcome that symptoms so you’d be able to walk as if nothing even happen or will it sorta be off (never) the same after getting that? Cause I can walk but not even for 30 mins but prior to having MS I used to walk on highways for my exercise now I just feel so hopeless, but I’m trying to be optimistic about it all maybe one day I’d be able to go to mall an go for walks with my
Family without having to sit down😏
Has anyone been through this? Plz share ur experience or ways I can help myself so that I can walk a longer distance

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1 week ago

As everything with EM, each patient is totally different but I’ll share my experience.

I recently had a relapse, my left leg and arm felt numb and weak for 2 days so I went to the hospital. After I came out of the hospital where I was given 5 infusions of corticoids in 5 days, I could just walk for 15 minutes without feeling tired in my left leg, when I was a runner as hobby before. But I kept doing it every day, increasing a few minutes more per session. Then I started to get stronger and stronger and to alternate running and walking and 5 weeks later I’m again running 5km and hope will run 10k soon again.

So yes, you can recover, keep trying even if you think you won’t, don’t lose the hope.

1 week ago

Thanks you so much that’s exactly what I needed to hear, I just left I was gonna be limited to my walking for the rest of my life so thank you so much for sharing @icarri

1 week ago

I had impaired walking from day one of MS. I was told that if the damaged nerve was going to mend it would do so within a period of two years (it didn’t). I was also put on a DMT straight off and told in no uncertain terms how important it was to keep well and do max. exercise. To this I added ongoing physio. In terms of keeping walking, this has been CRITICALLY important, because a neuro physio identified exactly what the deficit was. Whereas the neuros just talked about ‘nerve damage’, the physio showed me how to start correcting it. I was only a year into MS but already I had damaged my knee though poor gait caused by the MS. My posture had been affected too. There are all manner of physio ‘tricks’ that can improve your function and prevent adding to the MS problem. That all happened 17 years ago. I’ve had to add a brace to my leg, because the knee damage is so bad, but I get around independently and if I use my nordic walking poles I can manage up to 3 miles. Your post doesn’t say what damage you have – and maybe you don’t know yourself. If you don’t, I recommend finding out. It’s likely to be a mix of things and may involve balance as well as muscle weakness. There are answers out there! xx

5 days ago

I have nerve damage in my spine and parts In the brain I suffered from double vision for a span of 8 months, I wore an eye patch I lived my life with a full blown relapse for 6 whole months because I didn’t wanna face the truth that I had Ms I just stayed in bed all day and alll night fatigued to the max the second I opened my eyes I wanted to just crawl back into bed but I knew I had a 12 hr day ahead of me, ignored the fact that the reason I have zero balance an double vision because I didn’t want to make having MS a reality In my life I fought the truth for many month just felt myself getting worse and worse, back in March 2019 I got diagnosed my grandmother seen how I was an brought me straight to the emergency and they took me in. I got an IV every morning for 5 days of predizone, I was the happiest man after my
Symptoms went down I was able to keep my balance way better than before. My double vision stayed for 6 months after I was taking the predizone tablets through out whole process

5 days ago

Yes, it certainly is a most horrible illness and you really have been through the mill. You don’t say if you are on a drug but I do hope you are. I do recommend a physical therapist assessment, though, because although the obvious damage is to the eye, there may now be added (secondary) effects of that, which present as MS but are actually not neurological. I was told that the very slightest imbalance to your musculo-skeletal system will set up other problems. The body is continually trying to compensate for e.g. poor balance and in doing so, can damage other muscle groups. To the sufferers, like you and me, it’s ‘all MS’, but actually it may not be. And secondary damage is definitely treatable. xx

4 days ago

@dawson-mcwatch , one thing at a time. Your Diplopia (Double vision) is caused by a convergence problem with the line of sight of each eye. This is potentially fixable.

An Orthoptist can measure the degree (angle) of the problem and supply a prism, which can be added to one lens on a pair of glasses. This will divert the angle of the line of sight on one eye for a successful convergence.

By periodically reducing the strength of the prisms, the brain can be trained to correct this problem.

Then you can see if you can build up your muscles/stamina. But, do it gradually.

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