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Hi guys, I hope you are all alright and coping ok?

I overdosed on oramorph recently but luckily my 19 yr old son and found me in time 😊after nearly 2 weeks in hospital and me requesting a drugs review and information on alternative pain relief. I’ve been looking at reiki for relief of muscle spasms. Does anybody have reiki? And do you find it helps in any way?

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1 year ago

Hi @laurat, and you’re asking us how we are? You’re the one whose recovering from an overdose!

Who has been managing your pain medication to date? Oramorph sounds pretty hardcore, is this because you’ve exhausted the usual muscle relaxants to relieve spasticity?

There’s some details about the pain associated with MS here, which might help :-

There’s not been much posted on Reiki, but it’s one of those therapies that you have to try, before you discount it. You just don’t know until you’ve tried.

1 year ago

The theory behind reiki is just nonsense. At least, that is what I believed until out of desperation I had a session on board ship. I had severely tingly legs which were ruining the holiday. The tingling disappeared after the session.

1 year ago

I take cannibis high in cbd which gets rid of pain within seconds,i take it at night that when i get the most pain with out it i can’t sleep, i wouldn’t be able to cope with out it, a lot of people get good results from cbd oil get 10% or over, lower it won’t work as well, i have had Reiki but for fatique which afterwards i had felt so much better more lively so i try to go every few months.

1 year ago

Hi, im very into alternative therapies…reiki is fantastic but its very personal to different people. Everyone will have a different reaction from it, im always very tired whereas others find it uplifting.
You may love it or you may find its just not your bag but give it a go, pretty sure it can do no harm 😊ps…hope you’re ok!

1 year ago

Hi I’ve reiki a couple of times. It;s lovelyand relaxing but I do feel a bit spaced out afterwards. It’s worth a try.

1 year ago

Over the last 6 weeks I’ve had 3 x 1hr sessions of reiki. Normally if I’m laying on my back my toes are curling up and my legs jump a bit, while I was having it they didn’t move at all but started again as soon as I got home. So it was good for me just to get a 40 min break from the spasms and toes doing what they want.

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