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Recurring viruses or MS

G’day everyone, I have been dx with Benign MS due to some nice lesions, a lumbar puncture, and some weird history.

Parallel to that, I keep getting what appear to be viral infections, for about 4-5 years, every 3 months or 6 months I do get pneumonia and bronchitis, and sore throat and ears etc, as well as fatigue. All GPs and neuros are aware and keep putting it down to viral infections, which is fair enough.

But just wondering what everyone’s take is on getting viral infections with MS?

Do you get them more? or less? or other?

My last viral infection was accompanied by dizziness, I didn’t realise how significant it was until I took some meds for dizziness and it disappeared.

Right now i have been free of virus infection for a month or two but suffering from dizziness for about 10 days and what feels like lack of concentration. The dizziness feels like being drunk actually, well mildly tipsy. Eeek, have written to MS nurses and see what they say. Maybe my MS wasn’t getting enough attention ๐Ÿ™‚

I think there’s a question in here ๐Ÿ™‚

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4 months ago

@brismas, when you say that they keep putting it down to a viral infection, did they actually test you for a virus, and find one, or did they just say it because they really didnt know what it was? (as they do) And what about the lumbar puncture? Did they find anything in the spinal fluid? I am interested, as I am pretty much the same

4 months ago

@birismus hi – personally I find it hard to define whatโ€™s a bit if you feel off you should always get auti test done at your GP as urinary traxcht infectious really exacerbate ms symptoms and anti biotics may help – good luck

4 months ago

@brismas , I’m no fan of the term “Benign MS”. Either you’ve got it or you haven’t. You were only diagnosed in 2019, so there must have been some activity leading up to that diagnosis, so what defines “benign”? No activity in 3 months!

As has been mentioned above, I too am very sceptical of viral infections. They can’t be identified or explained. And can’t be treated!

Your dizziness may not be MS-related and that needs to be investigated and eliminated. There is a condition, Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV), which can cause dizziness.

4 months ago

Thanks for the comments everyone.

@kateb I have had probably 20 or more blood tests over the 4-5 years but the problem is that there are thousands of viruses and cant test for them all. “Its probably just a virus” wears thin right! They keep putting it down to having young kids in child care and travelling on public transport, both of which haven’t happened in 6 weeks due to Covid-19. One Dr suggested post viral fatigue which seems to fit.

The lumbar puncture found two oligoclonal bands in the CSF but not in the serum (blood), which suggests past inflammation.

@stumbler There is a history of a number of different neuro symptoms around 13 years ago, OC bands in CSF, and McDonald criteria lesions, that’s why they gave “Benign MS”. One nuero said it was borderline and referred me to a MS clinic where I got that dx. I asked a MS nurse if there were many with “Benign MS” and she said its usually a term they give to people to wait and see if the MS presents itself.

The BPPV is interesting, thanks, and I did have blocked eustachion tubes a few weeks ago. I went to an ENT just this week and they suggested a vestibular balance test which would determine if the dizziness is either CNS or peripheral cause (inner ear). Will try and get my MS clinic to help there. The ENT thought that it was more pointed to CNS as my eustachian tubes feel unblocked.

In my mind, there are two things playing out, 1) lesions and possible MS, and 2) something which makes me prone to keep getting sick. I’m not sure they’re related, hence the original post.

4 months ago

@kateb, specifically they test for EBV, influenza, inflammatory markers, ross river, barham virus. As one Dr said, even if they tested for the 20,000 different viruses, there is no treatment, rest and drink water.

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