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Recurring viruses or MS

G'day everyone, I have been dx with Benign MS due to some nice lesions, a lumbar puncture, and some weird history. Parallel to that, I keep getting what appear to be viral infections, for about 4-5 years, every 3 months or 6 months I do get pneumonia and bronchitis, and sore throat and ears etc, as well as fatigue. All GPs and neuros are aware and keep putting it down to viral infections, which is fair enough. But just wondering what everyone's take is on getting viral infections with MS? Do you get them more? or less? or other? My last viral infection was accompanied by dizziness, I didn't realise how significant it was until I took some meds for dizziness and it disappeared. Right now i have been free of virus infection for a month or two but suffering from dizziness for about 10 days and what feels like lack of concentration. The dizziness feels like being drunk actually, well mildly tipsy. Eeek, have written to MS nurses and see what they say. Maybe my MS wasn't getting enough attention :) I think there's a question in here :)