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Hi guys
Just having a rant. Pins and needles. Right side.
Hand, ribs and leg. Driving me into low mood.
Today the sensations are that bad i am knacked.
Also, the sensations are making me cringe like experencing sucking on a piece of lemon or have something bitter in my mouth.
Anyone else had this ecperence.

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6 months ago

Past 3 months I’ve had an increase in pins and needles and tingling. It’s not fun!

Is it all the time? Mines comes and goes.

6 months ago

Have a rant jolea that’s what we’re here for. Do you a ms nurse, bio bit not filled in so don’t know where you are. My ms nurse reckons everyone with ms should be on a small dose of anti-depressants just because of the ms. Don’t worry about being ‘hooked’ you won’t be but they really help just to get a day with ms, might make a small difference and they all add up. Tingling us a pain in the but, I drop loads of things, live in the Potteries, mum worked for Wedgwood for 40 years, have more Wedgwood dinner services than you could throw a stick at, daren’t use them because of dropping them, all replaced with plastic, know anyone who wants to buy a Wedgwood dinner service? There are ways round most things, take it from an old codger who has had to change loads of things in life. I still walk my Airedales, but on my mobility scooter, one on each arm, no hands involved cos they don’t work. There is very little you can’t do, have a boiler cos I can’t deal with a kettle any more, special pegs for the washing line, Velcro on coats cos I don’t do buttons or Zips etc., there are ways👏😍

6 months ago

@jolea , here’s an article on this particular symptom :-

Are you presently on any treatment for this symptom?

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