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Opinions of natalizumab

Hi everyone! I’ve found out my MDT are shifting me onto natalizumab, and I want to get people’s opinions on how its improved their MS and how you feel about side effects you may get? I know I hate the post injection reactions from copaxone.

I’ve also read that you can take it up to conception, mainly, if you’re looking at getting pregnant. How did you feel about telling the health professionals about this? Because me and my partner are looking at having at least 1 child within the next few years. (I keep saying 2 max, he says 3, we all know I’ll win 😛 )

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Hi under your post above you’ll see some boxes relating to some of the things you mentioned click on them and it’ll take you to other posts made about it.
Natalizumab is branded as Tysabri.

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I am on Tysabri. This is my second DMT, after I failed Copaxone by having back to back relapses while on it. I didn’t like jabbing myself 3x weekly but I think i could have done it…

Anyway, water under the bridge and you asked about Tysabri. I don’t have many side effects from it, and I’ve been on it almost a year now. JC negative, and I’m planning on staying that way as long as I can 😉

Most side effects revolve around some extra fatigue around infusion week. Sometimes when the nurse is setting the IV port i have a vasovagal reaction, but that’s just needles in general, not specific to Tysabri. So i take more naps, as though I have MS.

As a man, I don’t have any experience with pregnancy and tbh i haven’t looked into it.

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Thank you for your insight! I hate injecting myself 3* weekly, and I’m always scared that I’ll have another post injection reaction. I think the fatigue around infusion time will be fine, I take small naps anyway during the day when I can, but that’s just because I’m a weird early riser 😀

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