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Ocrevus and back pain?

There is a FB group for Ocrevus users that I’ve started checking out. There are frequent complaints of back pain, especially lower back. This could certainly be related to our reduced mobility or gait but there were just so many mentions of it I put it out to the group and someone posted that it is a known side effect. I couldn’t find it directly on the Ocrevus site nor has it been mentioned by my Neuro but on the site it is listed as an issue for 6% of people on Ocrevus.

How about others here? I have always had a stellar back (once even admired by a Chiro ;-0 ) but admittedly my foot drop and reduced mobility could contribute to the lower back pain I’m experiencing. Then again I don’t remember this pain a year ago…before I started taking it.

Anyone else?

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1 month ago

Nothing really jumps out at me,,,likely a combo of posture, chair and gait. I try to stretch several times a day and think that is about all that has been effectively managing it right now. Starting a new job and they will work out a work station I can be comfortable in. Trying to see if there are any zero-gravity options…that may be what I need-

1 month ago

Following just to see what others say. Because I’m sort of newly diagnosed I’m still in the stage of sussing out symptoms and or deciding if it’s just me being a drama queen. But I’ve had really intense back pains particularly my lower back.

1 month ago

if you haven’t already done so, get your vitamin D status checked. That was the cause of my chronic back issues, for which i’d had physio/chiropractic/drugs/injections and finally surgery. As soon as my vitamin D was normalised, the back pain disappeared and it has never returned.

1 month ago

@cameron thanks for the suggestion but I do ask for my D level to be checked when they do my labs for Ocrevus and last time it was at 70 which is perfect for being on O and having MS…you want between 50 and 100. Even though it is important to get it up to that when you have MS I still got charged for it (insurance didn’t pay) until I called my insurance and complained…they said that in order for it to be covered I had to have a disease where it had to be tested…I asked her what those diseases were and MS was close to the top of the list…I asked her if I had that and, what do you know…ughhh…the American health care system…have to chase them down on everything!

1 week ago

I’m happy I saw this! I’ve been on Ocrevus since December 2019, and it has made me feel awful physically and mentally. Most recently, I’ve been struggling with back and neck pain. It spreads up the sides of my head and down my shoulders as well. I see my neuro tomorrow about it as I didn’t struggle with pain before and now I’m at a constant 7 on the pain scale.

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