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New to MS

Hi I’m new to MS I was diagnosed on the 28th October 😔 I’m 30 years old
I’m reading all the info and all the groups I’m in It helps a little bit but last few weeks I find myself suffering from Vertigo even though they said it’s not MS I have feeling it is as the dizziness and not having great balance is still there! They booked me for MRI scan but not emergency and I did t have one since May. Feeling a bit down sometimes as I can’t do all the things I used to do! I’m off from work to for time benign

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6 months ago

Hey @aleks238

Im approaching 30 and was diagnosed a couple of years ago.
Understandable you’re feeling abit down, that’s normal, plus you’ve only just found out, I bet it came as a shock… certainly did with me.

I suffer from seriously bad vertigo, before I was diagnosed and currently.
Only thing that helps is lying down, and I take travel sickness tablets sometimes,not sure if they actually do much though 😂

6 months ago

Hope they can do tests for you soon as so many things can cause vertigo and balance issues if those are your two main issues. My friend had those issues and it was actually a benign brain tumor…had it removed and she is back to 100% I have balance issues with no vertigo but about 25 MRIs that are consistent with MS and a host of other symptoms.

I wouldn’t self-diagnose until you have good test by a MS specialist neurologist…believe us, they all aren’t created equal 😉 Good luck and try not to stress as that can only worsen MS issues. Just chill for a bit and find something, likely seated ;-), you can do when you are impacted that will put a smile on your face and happy thoughts in your mind-

6 months ago

I know it sounds a little odd but I too suffer with bad vertigo and dizziness. Went to an audiologist and they told me I have mild hearing loss, not normal for my age (26). Should be 10/10. Ear tests are free so you’re not losing out. Always worth a check as we forget about our ears as we get older, until there is a clearly difference in hearing (more than likely older age it starts to decrease).

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