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My first post and Neuro appt next mont

Sorry for this long post. In August 2018 after pins and needles in the right side of my face and tingling in teeth my GP referred me to the Stroke Clinic suspecting a TIA,which it wasn’t hence a referral to Neurologist next month. Over the last 15 years I have had several puzzling ailments but no cause!The last twelve months I have had tingling buzzing in my feet and legs and also wake up with leg and toe cramps. Several times I have awoken feeling as though I’m choking & can’t breathe.Between 2005 and 2009 I had unexplained chest pain and many cardiac work outs but my heart was A1. The last
couple of years I have suffered from debilitating exhaustion…had loads of blood tests..all negative. I have been referred to bowel and bladder clinic because of long term constipation. A proctogram shows one bowel muscle not working and urinary incontinence. I also had debilitating stabbingheadaches on the right side which lasted for about 6 months but the MRI scan was inconclusive and migraine meds did not help. There are other symptoms which I will discuss with the Neuro …but my question is this. I am 62 years old and after all this time no one has considered all my issues together and I wonder if any of you have had been diagnosed MS later in life? It may well not be MS but I would like to know that my health issues have a name and hopefully a treatment Thanks so much for reading

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7 months ago

@jayhegarty hello and welcome to our exclusive club!Im 62 as well but I’ve had the beast for 26 years (knowigly) but so many things fell into place when I was dxd (diagnosed) and as your born with ms and it takes a ‘major trauma’to your body to set it off , hence the 60/40 split with women/ men cos men don’t menstruate or get pregnant! it’s hardly surprising. If what you’ve got is ms, you have done very well to deal with all those strange symptoms over the years. You are now seeing a neuro, but he can’t dxd you usually until he has done lumbar punctures and mri’s. Don’t despair, it may take time, and if it does turn out to be ms, and you’re in the U.K. ( don’t know cos you haven’t filled in the bio bit) you will get an ms nurse, best thing since sliced bread usually. But all that is for later, keep us appraised, and if you get to join us officially we’ll talk again when all your questions will be answered!🤞🤣😍

7 months ago

Hi @jayhegarty and welcome.

I can understand why you’ve joined us. Those symptoms do suggest MS, but, unfortunately, those symptoms also present in other conditions too. It therefore becomes a case of eliminating the probables and then investigating the possibles.

MS can be diagnosed at any age. And, yes, you do need a name for whatever is ailing you. Then you can address this ailment and move forward.

In preparation for your Neuro appointment, Make a short, concise, chronological list of all these strange symptoms that you have endured. This can then be passed to the Neuro to help build up a clinical history.

Please keep us updated with your progress with the Neuro.

7 months ago

I am 69 but was not diagnosed until I was 55. Actually I thought for a while I was crazy. Several unexplained episodes over the years. My first at age 22 with mini seizures on my left side for about a month. When I was young there were no MRI or CT scan machines and they did not have a way to really diagnose or treat MS. However, as someone else mentioned there are lots of other things they will need to rule out. I also have diabetes which causes numbness and tingling. And degenerative arthritis which causes all kinds of weird symptoms. The good news is they can sort it all out these days SO be sure to keep that appointment with the neurologist.

7 months ago

@debbie_bartlett @grandma
Hi guys. Thank you for your prompt responses. I feel much better for eventually posting on this site after reading so many interesting posts over this last year or so .
It is good to feel ‘supported’ here and I will give you updates as and when anything changes.
Thanks again x

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