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My first DMT

Hey folks 👋🏻
My delivery came today, which means I start taking Tecfidera tomorrow!
My plans are: to have some toast and peanut butter for breakfast, then swallow my capsule (they’re quite big, aren’t they!), then I’ll leave for University equipped with a pack of tissues and my portable necklace fan incase of any side effects.
But I know I’m gonna get bored of just toast and peanut butter so I need some suggestions… what do you recommend for breakfast?
I don’t really eat much red meat or eggs, I don’t eat any dairy and I can’t stand blueberries! But otherwise I’m pretty easy 😂 I’ve realised that if I’m gonna make medication work for me then I might as well try and make it fun too – hence, the jazzing up of breakfast!

Hope everyone is doing well 😊

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3 months ago

You’ve done your homework….
You’ll get on ok.
Your now a fully fledged Tecie. On the grown up version 😀

3 months ago

Hey @keepsmyelin99 👋
I started my Tecfidera last Thursday so almost a week in now! I honestly can’t say I’ve had any noticeable side effects this week (I was convinced the side effects were going to be awful!) so hopefully that continues next week when I start the full dose!

I’ve been eating porridge for breakfast every morning and most of the time I’ve just been eating as I normally would so I don’t think you really need to change too much at this point unless you want to! See how you tolerate it first! I even tested it a little bit on Sunday and had a few glasses of wine with dinner and I still felt fine! So I’m feeling very positive at the moment, and hoping that feeling continues!

Yes, the capsules are quite big – I hate swallowing tablets but I haven’t found them that bad, they seem to slide down pretty easily! The only weird thing I find is that they rattle and I can kind of feel them rattling as the capsule goes down but maybe that’s just me 😂

3 months ago

Aww thanks @highlander 😊 fingers crossed it all goes well 🤞🏻

And thanks @robean ! I’m glad to hear you’re finding things ok 😊 I hope it continues like that for you. I do like porridge, I might give that a try. Generally I don’t eat too much for breakfast so I’m just trying to build up the amount I eat so that it reduces any potential stomach upset. Ooh I’ll keep watch for the rattling 😂

3 months ago

@keepsmyelin99 I’m rubbish at breakfast time as well but I do force myself these days, especially when I’m at work in case I don’t get a break at a normal time! Depending on your routine, you could always take the tablet with your lunch instead, The booklet says that’s okay as long as there are more than 4 hours between doses! Again, I think it will just be trial and error!!

3 months ago

I noticed that after a couple of months of taking it the food I was taking the tablets with wasn’t quite as important, I take them with pretty much any food now and I very rarely get side effects (if I do it doesn’t seem to relate to what food I’ve eaten). However it did take a while to get to that stage, I think sticking to peanut butter for a while would be a good idea but longer term you can probably eat whatever you like (except baked beans, they’re the only food that still give me a dodgy stomach)

3 months ago

Thanks @robean I might try taking them at lunch and dinner then – it just depends on when I can eat.

Cool @arbee ! I’ll stick to my plan for now and then I’m sure I’ll get more flexible with my food as you say 😊

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