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Mercury Fillings Removal

Hi everyone ,

Long term mecury fillings being in my mouth does not sit well with me.
I have 4

It was time for my removal on Tuesday. I took all precautions I could think of and I have chosen to go to a biological/ holistic dentist in the North West and the guy does most mercury filling removals in the North West so I felt confident in him and still do . I had two removed as they work in quadrants with the numbing of the mouth.
Anyway I now have numb legs and feet and butt and bits so it’s set something off . Linked to Mercury .
So because mercury vapour is released everyday small amounts into your system it accumulates . So long term not good and makes your immune system weaker. I feel that they have to come out if this is the case but then you might get what I have when do but suffer to hopefully get a lot better.

I am interested to know how many of you have mercury fillings ?

Also I think I might need steroids . How does it work because the relapse clinic isn’t till Friday and I don’t think it’s fair Or right to have to wait till then to get steroids when I’m like this .

I’ve been to a and e before when first got diagnosed and they just pass you on to relapse clinic then the said see neurologist. So it was months of numbness before I got steroids ! Not right in my eyes or okay when your sick .


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1 year ago

Also forgot to add you can only really properly detox it all when they have all been removed .
Rachael x

1 year ago

@rachaellouise , I probably have a mouthful of amalgam fillings and I wouldn’t go through the bother, and cost, of having them removed.

Everything written suggests it doesn’t cause problems, e.g.

Is your “numb legs and feet and butt and bits” a new symptom? I can well Imagine that the stress and effort of getting this dental work done could kick something off. But, is it a relapse or just a flare up of old symptoms?

1 year ago

I would agree with @stumbler. The whole business has probably stressed you out subconsciously more than you are aware of, and if you’re anything like me, a change in routine – especially if it involves something unfamiliar – brings on symptoms as quickly as switching on a tap…

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