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Lhermitte's Sign

Hi everyone,

I am new to this forum but I’m posting as I’m feeling very anxious.

Since last weekend, I have been experiencing a tingling in my back, bum and slightly in my legs when putting my chin to my chest. After reading up this sounds like Lhermitte’s Sign.

I have just been quite ill with a bad virus and this has come on after spending an entire week lying in bed – not sure if that could be related. I also have a very sore, achy back like muscle pain.

I currently have no other symptoms, just the vibration sensation. Sometimes it’s quite bad when I tilt my head while other times, it doesn’t happen/is barely there. I am also aware it could be B12 deficiency, which I am sure they will check for.

Could this be MS?

I am seeing a doctor this weekend & I know I’m just so anxious that it could be something serious and that my life will be over.

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6 months ago


There is a 1% chance you are correct; a 99% chance that I am – so please hear me out…

People have symptoms of 1,000’s of diseases daily – 99.99% are not diseases but rather their body dealing with day to day things in our environment.

No disrespect – your post suggests you are younger who has not dealt with anything life threatening. Posting that your “life will be over” due to undiagnosed symptoms- seriously???

I have had too many people I care about die on me. Please relax for now – then post again once MS has been diagnosed.

6 months ago

Hi @lulu14 and welcome.

“Could this be MS?” Well, yes and no.

Self-diagnosis is never recommended. It’s difficult enough for Doctors to diagnose conditions so you have little chance of success.

I agree with @edmontonalberta above. You do need to keep things in perspective.

Do keep us updated though. We are here to help.

6 months ago

Thanks for your replies.

@edmontonalberta I am 28 years old and I apologise for being so dramatic, I am just feeling very anxious and worried about if it could possibly be that. I don’t mean to offend anyone.

6 months ago

@lulu14 , you didn’t cause offence. You’re worried.

The symptoms that present in MS also present in various other conditions too, so try not to venture down too many scary routes. MS itself is no longer the condition it once was and life can go on.

Just don’t worry yourself into an illness………… 😉

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