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Update on carnivore diet

I'm less hungry after I eat. I have to go number two less and I go a lot less when I go number two. So far I'm feeling my B12 in take is being more than adequate.
Las Vegas, United States

Updates About my carnivore diet.

OK so there is less bowel movements. More water is involed, meat has a ton of b twelve by the minute. B twelve(mailin (?) Is the fatty tissue built on the end of nerves.

“Rest more”

Hi all ☺️ I’m just looking for advice/guidance/a listening ear I guess. I’ve found since moving into SPMS all I seem to be told is rest more. Do less. I already can’t work, socialising is limited because of migraines, fatigue and cognitive issues. I’m just finding myself frustrated because I don’t ...


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Just saying hello!

Diagnosed on 28/04 and still processing. Have MS Nurse on Thursday and then the specialist on 26/06.


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Today’s post

Roadrunner the cartoon. Not going to lie, I always rooted for the coyote.
Leeds, United Kingdom


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Thyroid surgery/Radioactive iodine

Good morning all. I would appreciate hearing your experiences of thyroid removal surgery or radioactive iodine treatment for Graves disease and the effects on MS afterwards please.
Newton Abbot, United Kingdom


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Sick of hospitals

Wasn't diagnosed that long ago but I seem to have to go to the hospital for tests and appointments at least once a week. Also working full time and caring for my mum so just feel drained constantly...assuming that's not helping me either

Not sure where else to turn..

So my mom had a stroke and I am her main caretaker, and I need to buy her all these supplies like a lifting machine which cost almost 2 grand plus a night nurse plus all these medical supplies. I started a go fund me page. I don’t really know who to send it to so if it’s OK if I send you the link an...

making our invisible illness visible

Hey everyone, I'm the artist who paints MS symptoms to raise awareness and create a sense of community among us 🧡  So if you don't know me yet, I uploaded a short reintroduction on YT and I can absolutley recommend you to watch it 🧡  https://youtu.be/WQa9hPMGqpE
Nieder-Olm, Germany


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I'm scared and excited at the same time about upcoming tests

I have no diagnosis. This Friday I have an EEG , and two more tests. And further good news I got approved for further testing if needed the finical dept advised me to get any tests I could within the next 6 months. Maybe to much info but around menstrual I feel 10x worse. My ginger tea cocktail I st...