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Aitripmtyline side affects

i have taking this drug for just over a year the problem when i first started takijng it was more my mental state which bad enough but the few months is terrible burning at first in my stomach then burning all over the next day all my joints really hurt its stopping me doing execising which i need t...

Hello everyone....

Going through rough time with the m.s. at the moment. I've had it for 30 years but it still surprises with the odd symptom now & then.....I need coffee. Going to kitchen hobbling to kitchen.....slowly...carefully. Wish me luck.....its only a 1 bedroom flat but but I'm sure it expands on a regula...
London, United Kingdom


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Pill vs injection

Hi, I was diagnosed with RRMS in April following a relapse where my hand and arm suffered partial paralysis. One month later and I’m much better. I am now at the point of talking treatments with my neurologist but he only gave me two choices: plegridy and a more agressive immunosuppressant which sou...


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Newly diagnosed RRMS considering Copaxone

Hi All I'm just recently had a MS diagnosis 😢. I was with my MS nurse today and considering DMTs. My head is fried! I have been very anti all things medication my whole life and when I read the possible side effects of these meds... my anxiety is through the roof! I have stomach and Gastro issues s...


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MS & PCOS, weight loss & fertility

I’ve been recently diagnosed with RRMS. I am overweight and really would like to lose some before having ACL surgery (no date yet) but I’m really struggling. I also have PCOS - I wondered if anyone has any experience of living with the two conditions? I feel as though my hormones are all over the ...


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Haven’t been on here for a while but I’m at a stage on my MS journey where I recognise I want support. I was diagnosed with RRMS nearly 10 years ago and only feeling confident to tell people. I’m trying to get over the stigma I feel having a disability. I was thinking about getting a walking stick w...




MS & Brain Tumors

Hello, my sister lives in the UK she has been diagnosed with Brain tumours and MS. Has anyone had or heard of a similar diagnosis or can offer any information. At her first MS appointment today - he can’t help because of the impact on the tumours. I am looking for any information on this, there’s so...

Tisabri - and chest

Just wondering if anyone who is on the tysabri infusion gets chest problems, I have been on it since December and ever since I’ve had chest problems, had an infection now have a cough that I cannot clear my throat, I told my nurologist and he said it’s normal to have flu like symptoms from the drug ...


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The healing code

Hi all… I have recently been diagnosed with MS. I have just started reading a book called the healing code by Dermot O’Connor. Has anyone read it? Has anyone has success with his methods? Thanks
Sutton in Ashfield, United Kingdom


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Abit lost..

Hi everyone, I came across this website after seeing a post on MS Society. What a beautiful bunch you are, having read through lots of posts. I am currently in limbo land with a diagnoses, Neurology appointment on 14th June. I've been feeling fatigued for ages, put it down to 'hormones' I started...