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Been through 18months of symptoms and test and still incoclusive.

Any advice would be appreciated. Have just started gabapentin
Bideford, United Kingdom

Toe straightening

Hi I ve had MS for a least 12 years and I am pretty active despite being 61! My right leg is weak and my big toe points up all the time up ruining shoes and slippers . My physiotherapist is trying that blue tape they use on sports injuries to straighten it out. Has anyone else had any luck with this...

Any NI MSers?

Hi 👋🏼 Just wondering if there is any NI MSers on here? I’ve searched in the location but it feels odd to reach out to people 😂 I’m 31, diagnosed 3 months ago so early in my journey and would love to get to know some people in a similar position to myself


I was diagnosed 8 years ago. I had no symptoms, but I was at work one day, and suddenly I realised I hadn't been too the loo since 6:00 that morning and it was now 2:30 ! At the end of the working day I phoned my husband to get me an appointment at the doctors. No appointments, so knowing things wer...

MS sucks but there is always someone worst off than you

I was diagnosed 16 years ago, I was running a business, in partnership with my husband, everything we had was in this business, and we had 2 children at school. Don't worry about what type of MS it seems all the same to me, just some are more aggressive. But there are things you can do in my exper...


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Are there any British gas tariffs for people living with chronic ill

Do British gas do energy tariffs for people with disabilities. Got my cold weather payments 25 quid. See how long that lasts

Research Opportunity - 2 People Needed!

Hello! I’m looking for 2 people with MS to take part in my research. I’m a trainee clinical psychologist at Royal Holloway researching how people with MS think about their goals. Taking part involves a one-off 30-45 minute video call where you’ll be asked to think about some of your goals and ans...


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IMy nane've just joined. I was originally diagnosed 1996 to include SLE Lupus, MCTD. Both gone untreated and rediagnosed June 2023. I've begun seeing a neurologist but no treatment has been offered. I was hospitalized may 23, 2023 due to renal failure and had lost ability to walk more than a step or...


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MS Star Trial or Infusions?

Hi I am having a really hard time deciding what to do with my treatment - can anyone share their experiences? A main question too is how do I deal with the guilt of choose between treatments (guilt of maybe I should have chosen x, or y etc..) I am currently in the process of enrolling on the stem...

Feeling Loss..

Does anybody else have no fingers? And you accidentally set them in drawers or touch the hot stove. And don't realize you're hurting yourself? I absolutely hate this among many aspects of this illness!