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Just a little moan

Hi all

I don’t often post but have been a member from right at the beginning as i was diagnosed at the same time you launched this wonderful helpful site.
My little moan is out of frustration really I’ve had a dead arm for over a week now and nothing seems to easing it the pain is really getting to me and also the use of it is deteriorating. Now I know I should be reporting this to my MS nurse and doctor but I hate wasting there time for something small and was wondering what people do to help them selves first?
I work full time so that doesn’t help trying to get appointment or call backs and my work colleges don’t really understand complaining about headaches and hay-fever lol when im screaming inside my arm is going to drop off ha ha ha. I never complain or make a fuss in work but even if I did they wouldnt pay any attention, sometime I just wish MS was visible and they could sympathise ask question try and help me rather that just ignore me. I know everyone has there own problems and issues and mine are no more important than theirs im just sick to the back teeth of smiling through the pain now.

Lynsey 🙁

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11 months ago

Smiling through the pain really hit home for me. My husband likes to get around on the weekends shop and go out to eat. By noon I have had all of the hobbling, pain and smiling through the pain I can take. He is retiring in a couple of months I am hoping he will be able to spread his trips over several days instead of trying to do them in one. He has not faced the fact that I am slowly becoming more disabled. He always wants to drive his truck that I have a difficult time getting in and out of, he seems to be oblivious to this. He says I don’t smile enough anymore, I try to tell him why I don’t smile but he doesn’t want to hear it. I encouraged him to retire because they were killing him at work. His retirement may be the death of me! Potter

11 months ago

@eilidh24 , You should ask the MS Nurse whether you should contact them. They’ll tell you that you are as important as anybody.

Perhaps you can get in touch with them by email. It would avoid that awful game of “telephone-tag”!

11 months ago

@stumbler email would be brilliant but unfortunately my hospital dont off that I’ll prob just rest over the weekend and hopeful that will help.

normally i just plod on through with it all but today my cage has been rattled and I needed a rant roll on home time and large glass of wine ha 🙂 Thanks

11 months ago

@eilidh24 , check out this MS Trust map of MS Nurses:-

The Sunderland Nurse seems to look after Durham and her email address is available.

11 months ago

@stumbler I’m with RVI in Newcastle I’ve called and left a message fingers crossed I’m not so busy at work and catchbthe call back thanks again

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