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How risky is risky?

Possibly because of my background, the area of risk is of great interest. What is it, how to interpret it, relative or absolute and how to discuss it in a way that everyone is comfortable with.

With MS and, DMTs specifically, there is a great deal of misinterpretation and misunderstanding, especially when discussing risk with your treatment team, friends and family. Even when you know more about the mechanics of things it doesn’t stop emotions playing a large part, irrational or not. And no one can tell you that an emotion is wrong, that is just annoying as it doesn’t stop you feeling it. It may not be based in rationality but humans aren’t rational. Never have been, never will be!

This is a longish paper but not written in dense medicalese. It is by a risk expert in other industries coming into dealing with doctors, how they understand and communicate risk to us, the patients.

Well worth a read (yes, I am nerdy and love a good paper!) as it helps you be a better informed patient. Enjoy 😉

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5 months ago

@dominics , thanks for sharing.

5 months ago

@stumbler – I am writing an article for another site examining socio-economic and educational factors influencing the way DMT prescribing is approached in newly diagnosed patients. I keep going down various rabbit-holes of interesting but not always relevant info!

Educational but distracting. For a change, the above one was quite readable so thought I’d share!

5 months ago

Thanks for that.
Ex sqaudie so as for me it’s jump in with both feet, fight your way through and think on your feet.
Well that is changing slightly….I can’t jump without falling over and my feet don’t work either!
Just adding bad humour inappropriately sorry.

5 months ago

@highlander – many years ago I was 24770776! I try not to let it hold me back though 😉

As for jumping, I may not be as bad (yet) but I have had to give up cycling, climbing due to some pretty serious accidents that I can’t be sure my underlying MS didn’t contribute to.

I used to really enjoy competitive shooting – was an Army and RAF Marksman back in the day – but my slightly dodgy eyesight when squinting down sights has put paid to that. The ultimate humiliation was when I had a small competition (Longs) with my mother (she was the late 60s at the time) and she thrashed me!

Still, we are here, we are ragging on life, so long may it continue!



5 months ago

You’ll get this…….YOU SPROG!!
2474… Sept 85. 😝

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