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Going back to work full time

Who has made a decision to go back to work or find work full time even tho their MS has progressed.

I have been working full time different job since I was 16yo I am now 41. The last full time job I had I was made redundant start of 2014, when that happened my MS had progressed whilst working at that job to the starve of walking very slow and started using crutches. It changed my life in realising that I have to look for work that I can do and they accept someone that has a disability. A huge wake up call.

I found part time work through a friend in 2015 and was made redundant from that job dec 2017 and haven’t been able to find any work and thinking if I should try to find part time again, my MS has progressed more and use wheelchair more and walking is more difficult. I just want to go back to how I was working full time and not stressing about money.

Just want to know if anyone in similar position has found full time and if it was a good idea or not I know everyone different but I’m a bit scared really.

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2 months ago

@lorag , I’d be tempted to look primarily for part-time work and see how that goes. It’ll look good on your CV for when, and if, you go for a full-time position.

You just have to suck-it-and-see and see how you feel.

2 months ago

Yeah I thought that @stumbler but just need money. Its easier said then done I can’t even get any job it’s just ridiculous how hard it is to even get an interview. I’ve been looking for over year in a half.

Maybe next year ha ha

2 months ago

@lorag , I can understand your needs.

I can see that employers may be worried about taking on an MSer. So, it maybe worthwhile to suggest a trial period to allay their fears and show that you can do the job.

Good luck in your search.

2 months ago

Does it get hard to stand on your feet for a long period of time? Is that why the wheel chair is needed??

2 months ago

@dawson-mcwatch I am secondary MS now and I need crutches or rollator to walk and can’t walk far without needing to sit and depends how I’m feeling that day and the weather etc. I use wheelchair at home because it’s easier and I don’t get weak when I’m doing something around the house. I can work but just needs to be sitting down etc. my experience is office administration and customer service.
There are jobs but just no one wants to interview me and I don’t mention my condition. It’s a long story I’ve used job agencies that apparently specialise with people with disability but they don’t listen to my needs and offer jobs I can’t do. It makes it more upsetting cause I use to be able to get work easy and I could do anything but now I have to be fussy because I can’t do everything I use to do. Sucks. Just gotta keep on going.

2 months ago

So if you have been working since age 16 17 you must have social security im sure so find someone to help you to apply you have MS so there going to what proof get phone number of main social security
Get your medical MRI films those are yours !!! I live on social security
Myself its better than nothing!!! Hope this helps much Love Lisa

4 weeks ago

Lisa_morgan I’m in Australia we don’t have social security. I’m on disability pension but because I live with my partner they reduce it because he works. It’s not enough for us to live we are scraping by but it’s money and also for my mental state.

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