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Feeling like no 2

I haven’t posted for a while.

After quite a long time out of employment, I was able to find a new job. But it was a contract and it came to an end. I want a permanent role but with several gaps in my CV(resume) I’m finding that potential employers are screening me out and even when I have made interviews they scrutinise these gaps.

I have avoided being open about my MS as it’s one personal and don’t feel I should be forced into discussing it. But I guess when I do try to explain these gaps it might seem flakey than the actual truth.

Anyway, I’ve been pushing as much as I can, and job hunting can be the worst (at the best of to times), and I feel like I’m becoming depressed and isolated. I have found myself getting lost in my thoughts( mainly negative) and it’s just a viscous circle.

I’m still trying to keep a healthy diet and perhaps part of my low mood may be attributed to the fact I’ve not been able to exercise much due to a shoulder injury…

Well, that’s the pity party over. Im sorry, but I don’t have many outlets and I know no one can see ( the unseen) pain that MS can sometimes have.

I also find that my sadness ( in terms of crying) is so much greater than what I normally feel. I think there’s been posts before that MS can cause crying etc. It’s kind of strange. As I am in a low mood, feel like crap and yet I’m even like hold on, get a grip…

My bad… but thanks for listening

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3 months ago

@keepupthefight , it’s good to get your thoughts written down (even if it’s on a computer screen/Smartphone/tablet!). This helps to absolve you of the feelings.

Plus, a problem shared is a problem solved, which is why we’re all here, to support one another.

3 months ago

You’ll get there! I managed to get a permanent job counting my lucky stars and struggle with fatigue but once you find the balance that works stick with it. I had a two year gap in my CV but now I’m in a very good position thanks to perseverence

3 months ago

Thanks @stumbler
You are right, it really does help, and i am grateful for your encouragement.

That’s great to hear, how long have you been in the role? I’m glad you were able to find something suitable. Yes, the fatigue can be an issue, but as you say, balance is the key, when possible.

I’m grateful for you sharing your experience and I take heart from it.
Did you disclose having MS, out of interest? I expect not, given you mentioned the 2 year gap.

3 months ago

I disclosed it after a year when a few sick days due to fatigue seemed like needed explanation. My boss was so understanding and has always let me attend hospital appts no qs asked. I’ve been in the role two years now

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