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Exercise with MS? What you doin?

I started with a new PT this month and am enjoying the combination of balance and strength exercises he has me doing. He encourages me to do all I can when I share the different things I do. He has more Neuro training than the typical PT and I even see a PhD attached to his name so trust he has plenty of training.

There is another guy with posts that keeps popping up on my FB feed so I clicked on the link to see where it would go. Apparently his mom had MS and he was pretty oblivious to that when he was growing up and didn’t realize that he could have done something to help in her progression. As a result he has now pulled together some recommendations- has anyone else gone down this rabbit hole?

Still waiting for the promised yoga poses that Seb is putting together. He is a yoga trainer with MS and a great set of youtube videos I have found helpful

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3 weeks ago

@itsmewithms – thanks for the recommendation. I haven’t looked at his stuff yet although I’ve seen it around. I just signed up for 3 months with to see what I think of their product. Strength programs for standing and sitting as well as stretches and symptom specific exercises. (I didn’t link to them because I’m not sure if there are any rules here since they are a commercial entity.) You can get a week for free if you want to learn more. I haven’t done it long enough to say whether or not I would recommend it, but will be happy to report back once I am consistent.

I see my neurologist in 2 weeks and am going to ask for a PT referral so I can have someone to work with in person. My right leg is my primary problem (so tight) but just last night my right forearm also became tight, and I have a knot that feels like a golf ball just below my elbow crease. Ouch!

3 weeks ago

Excellent! let us know how it goes. I had a PT order for my hip replacement recovery and she focused strictly on strength and issues related to the hip replacement. She did not recognize spastacity symptoms and other Neuro types of issues.

Now I have a PT order from my Neuro and have shifted to a place closer to home. He is working on Strength and Balance combined so I think this will be better for me. He is very willing to incorporate things I pick up and learn so thought I’d check out these videos. At this point I don’t see any charge for them so am willing to pick up what I get for free and run it past my PT guy-

I am skeptical of anyone that has a “MS program” because everyone’s symptoms are unique.
Many MS folks have “balance” issues while others are impacted more in speech, vision or bladder. I think each of the symptoms can be broken down and what can be done to manage that symptom but not some catch-all program for everyone with MS.

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