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Dom's (frustrated) Covid Diary-11th May

WTF is going on? Stay in, don’t stay in but work from home unless you can’t and therefore, with 12h notice, get off your arse and cycle to the building site. And so on and so forth.

The long-term sick, disabled, vulnerable? Hmmm, cripes, tricky one, gosh, hadn’t really thought of those johnnies. Where do they live? Anyhow, the entire set of communications (the letters and texts) has been so spectacularly mangled I can only imagine that Boris (Trump with the thesaurus upgrade) has been advised to steer clear of mentioning anything that might really get him onto a sticky wicket. Knock the topic into the long grass and just hope it stays there. *sigh*

Have you noticed that the alert-o-meter graphic seems to have been lifted straight from the Nandos heat level meter? I have never been to a Nandos (am old, am also a food snob as I used to have a firm selling organic food. Nandos uses the lowest quality chicken imaginable…) but it did pop up v quickly on Twitter. See for yourself:

I want any leader to succeed, even by the most basic of measures, yet we seem to have managed to get the fellow that was always picked last for teams to be in charge, along with his similarly useless pals. I really am beginning to despair that we’ll manage to get lower in the tables. In this instance, lower or even last is the best outcome. This seems to have escaped the Ginger Bone-Spurs and the Bumbling Buffoon. They both seem to think that the top of the table is a good thing.

I am not a natural-born worrier. However, I am becoming moderately concerned about Ocrelizumab as it pertains to immunisation. If you get this – because I don’t – then please share your understanding. I can’t seem to get an adequate reply as it pertains to natural immunity. As I understand things:

1 – Being on ocrelizumab does not confer any additional risk if and when I catch Covid-19.

2 – Ocrelizumab selectively depletes B-cells but the T-cells are where it is at regards fighting an infection. BUT it does seem to blunt vaccine response. In plain English: the vaccine(s) as will certainly be developed and deployed in the next 18-24 months are unlikely to work in ocrelizumab recipients.

3 – I fully expect to catch Covid-19 at some point. I think it is unrealistic to think otherwise. As a result, I am trying to be in the best shape possible regards minimising its often brutal effects.

4 – Here’s the rub. If I catch it, recover, and in normal circumstances will have generated immunity to it does the ocrelizumab washing around in me mean that I won’t develop immunity and therefore will be as susceptible to catching it again and again? That would be very dull and I am guessing that repeated boughts will wear one down pretty sharpish.

Thoughts? I know a lot of folks read this blog, many of whom are far far cleverer than me. These are utterly non-science based musings. I post it here because the next stop is . Thank you .

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2 months ago

Dear @dominics,

Led by donkeys (or political pygmies)…

2 months ago

I think you are being unkind to donkeys. And pygmies…

2 months ago

Johnson got out of his hole, and saw his shadow, so we’re in for six more weeks of lockdown.

2 months ago

more like horndog day, amirite? *finger guns*

2 months ago

Trump with a thesaurus, I love it and gonna use it! 😂

I’m not sure your medication. I know there are 2 immune suppressants that qualify for extremely high risk.

Overall it seems to be Elderly, diabetes, obesity, lung conditions and cancer treatments that are hit worst.

I don’t feel UK gov has done as well as other countries.
More concerned about business than health.

2 months ago

@dominics No surprise I’m afraid, inevitable that Bozo the clown would make a pigs breakfast of his ‘announcement’ yesterday … who does he think he is?! he’s not the King! Delusional git.

I too am on Ocrelizumab, and have a mother in a carehome (staff there are clueless and have been abandoned by every authority) One of my brothers seem to have the virus now, it started with abdominal pain, readers out there be aware gastro symptoms are often part of the Covid picture.

Personally I plan to lock down even more because with Joe Public let lose the death rate is going to go up again in approx 3 weeks.

In the next day or so I hope Prog G will update MS-Selfie and the Barts Blog. We need a grown up in the room.

Stay at home and stay safe peeps

2 months ago


Also on O (or am I) and can understand your concerns, can’t answer them tough )or can I)
We here in Jockland are totally bambozalled as who do we go with; Bojo or wee Nic?
Read (or did I) a great piece earlier as to how the U.K. is seen across the globe after last nights message (not well)

Like to see the cement truck driver travelling on a bike!

2 months ago

@dominics This is the best video that I have seen so far and I thought I got the link from a MS site so you have likely seen it. I became quite concerned about being on O at this time especially after a recent Jon Strom Real Talk MS episode but this I thought improved my anxiety. Please let me know, with your heightened medical knowledge, what you think:

And, a thesaurus would be a great gift to the orange menace. We knew we were in trouble when he started talking Quid Pro Quo a few months ago as his grasp on English is tenuous at best…when he switched to Latin we knew he was in trouble…now he is pretending to be a medical researcher so you know we are fxxxed over here…I’m building a moat

2 months ago

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