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I’ve been on copaxone for about 4 months. This is my first dmt and I’ve been diagnosed ms for 20 years! Did well until last year. Anyway this is first line of treatment I’ll get repeat mri in March. But for now my insurance in the states has decided only to cover Glatopa which I believe is generic copaxone. It was a big deal for me to take anything and I really am nervous to switch but I can’t afford not to. So just wondering if anyone else out there has switched to generic and what to expect? I really think it will be ok. I will say though that I’m not sure it’s helping, I have either never recovered from last relapse or I’m having additional activity, just recently I started to feel like I did at beginning of last relapse with severe fatigue and weeks legs. Sometimes I can only say my brain feels like mush, like dizzy and like I need to lean on something to keep from falling. It’s very frustrating and tiring. Anyway I will try Glatopa I suppose and see what is suggested at next neuro appt?

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7 months ago

@angieh , your FDA have approved the use of Glatopa, so I would imagine that you should not notice any change.

As to your occasional feelings of MS progression, these can be caused by other things, which do not represent progression. So, wait and see what the MRI shows.

7 months ago

I used Copaxone for many years with no problems. Switched to Glatopa several months ago….hospitalized three times. Feel lousy all the time, fatigue, weakness, vision problems. I wouldn’t recommend Glatopa to anyone!!

7 months ago

There are legal requirements (FDA, like @stumbler says) for generic meds that they are identical in every respect.

You ought not to be able to tell any difference.

Glatipa is made my a well-established and reputable manufacturer, Sandoz.

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